This is an abstract story about Aaron Ironheart, glorious captain of his own ship, the White Widow, and possible dwarven fighter in a sleepless night of dungeons & dragons. I created this piece of text in order to give myself a better idea of my characters ideals and emotions, but also, to set the scene for the start of an epidramatic adventure. (Well, if that one ever happens that is)

The text was inspired by a majestic piece of music written by BrunuhVille: Winds of Conquest. It consists of a short introduction, a letter written by Aaron, and, well, the last 2 lines. It is held short on purpose, so everyone can get a picture of who Aaron Ironheart is, without going too much into detail, it is meant as a basis for roleplaying in the end.

Dusk laid his hands upon the bay of Aegisgard, its people buried beneath in peaceful, silent slumber. Aaron Ironheart set foot to meet his crew at the dock of the “White Widow”, of which he was captain. The days of glory had come, or so he thought. Come dawn they hissed their banners high, the warbanners of Aegisgard in their respective colors: A burning red cannonball on a shiny silver dwarven shield, drawn upon a blue starfield.
“The days have come, my comrades, it is time to prove our courage. Why do we fight, they asked me once, if all we want is peace? Because there are people out there, who want a war, and a war is what they’ll get.” – “For the glory of Aegisgard, long live the king, may the dwarves never succumb!”

Dear Maira, if you have received this letter, I have not yet returned, and I am likely to be a floating corpse deep down in the damned blue sea – bugger!
Do not mourn me my love, for I gave my life, so you can live on in peace. Smile, for the world is now a better one, take a deep breath of the air that smells from the lavender fields you always took me too, aye, I can smell them even now as I am writing this letter, I’ll make sure to bring you a couple before I go home.
Harro must have finished his training by now, he’ll be sure to keep you safe and fed with the weapons he’s crafting for the armies. I never liked that you know me. Water under my ship is all I need to stay alive – well…
The sea has me now, it won’t give me back, stay safe Maira…
With never ending love,

A small tear washed over the ink of the letter before it lit up into flames before a weeping girl, kneeling in the ashes of her hometown, the city that shall never fall, Aegisgard.

English Corner – Winds of Conquest

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